There was a time when I thought I had checked every box:

job that paid well
decent pension

To the outside world, my life was perfect. 

That perfect image was distorted when my eldest sister Anne was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

That Christmas, we all went home. As I observed family interactions with fresh eyes, I was shocked; people that were supposed to be loving were often mean and disrespectful. I realized I was bearing witness to the behaviour I was taught to accept and tolerate through my upbringing.

With chaos and drama swirling around my sister, I saw my own future pass in front of me, one my dear sister would never get to experience. She was so talented and hadn't even begun to explore her full potential.

There were moments during Anne’s last days when I started to deeply consider compassion, truth, kindness, and love as though for the first time. Years before, I had learned to go through the motions without the emotions. Now, here I was, a pile of goo. 

Anne passed over six months after her diagnosis. 

When her flame went out, mine ignited.

I started saying yes to myself, and the happier I was, the happier everyone around me was. My confidence started building, and before long, I was helping other women do the same in their lives.

I am tired of watching women die trying to be everything to everyone, without ever considering themselves.

Since the passing of my sister and other beautiful souls who were dear friends, I have made it my mission to teach women how to make themselves a priority in all aspects of their life, without guilt.

I look forward to helping you Discover the More that You Are.


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