Forgiveness is a funny thing

A couple of nights ago, I decided to relax and watch a movie. It seemed to be a slow start and yet, I felt the need to stay watching it. When there are many things to consider, a movie can take me a few hours or a couple of days to watch. - I pause, write, get up and walk around and sometimes sit still and let my mind wander.

As I reflected on what was going on in the movie, and my own life, I thought…

Forgiveness is a funny thing.


We tell ourselves stories about how others have done us wrong. We condemn their actions, usually experience from long ago, and we hold onto them and replay them in our minds. 

The pain and suffering that we put ourselves through, is much worse than the one-time event that occurred. We become self-righteous and forget our own flaws and imperfections. Beyond the apology that we seek and believe we want and deserve, is the hope of acknowledgment of the pain we’ve endured.

Why is it that others can’t see the pain they have...

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Different perspectives - Endless possibilities

After returning home from some early morning errands, I went to sit in the family room.  Coffee on the table to my right, feet on the small black ottoman, blanket on my legs and then, of course, cat on my legs. 

I smile as I look to my left. Oliver sleeps curled up on a blanket next to me. Yes, I am a crazy cat lady.

I reach for my book, open it to where I last left off and remove the raffle ticket that is marking my place in the book. I started using it as a bookmark after I attended an event I went to a couple of weeks ago, or has it been longer? Removing the bookmark, I glance at the page and read a couple of lines. I find my spot and begin to read.

The sunlight coming through the front window is distracting. I lift my head and gaze out the window. Though it may not be appealing to some, I'm looking at the inside of three Alberta Spruce trees. They were supposed to Dwarf Alberta Spruce trees, but they didn't get the memo. They stand 14-16 feet tall....

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