You can't dream wrong

Open mind, Big dreams, Wild heart, are the words on the front of a journal that I just got. Its purpose is to hold my dreams until they come to fruition. Some will manifest, and some won't. Does that mean that I did something wrong? No. Maybe I was a bit ridiculous, imagining what I was thinking. Hopefully, I was ridiculous, and hopefully, I'll continue.

The dreams you hold in your heart today that you can see so clearly, that you can taste and smell as though you were right there, may not come to be. However, every single dream that you have is pivotal in your evolution. All of it is a journey towards you becoming...

Who You Were Born to Be...

What you're here to do...and,

What you're meant to have.

Dreams change. You get redirected. Nothing may happen the way that you thought it would. Where did you go wrong? - You didn't, and...You can't.

The path to dreaming is wildly imaginative, silly, and fun. It comes with an invisible eraser that lets you get rid of things you don't want anymore.

The colors you get to draw and paint with are so vivid. They tickle your senses and fill you with delight.

There are no rules, expectations, or judgments. You are free to create Absolutely Anything You Want.

Something that you need to know is that...

Dreams Are Possibilities that are meant to be played with every day...

And…You Can’t Dream Wrong.

  • You get to change your mind.
  • You get to adjust the colors.
  • You get to do whatever you damn well please.

This is Your World...Your Life...Your Creation.

Maybe you’ve had a dream before that you didn’t follow through on, or maybe as time went on, you no longer felt the same way about it. Here’s what I want to share with you about that.

Just because the dream you once had has changed,

It doesn’t mean that you gave up on yourself or that you failed.

Dreams are built from the magical thoughts that wander into your mind. They’re like the waft of fresh bread that makes its way to your nose. It’s subtle at first and yet undeniably yummy. You haven’t even tasted or fully experienced what it’s like yet, but…you know...It’s Goooood.

Dreaming is your birthright.

I invite you to have an Open Mind, to Dream Big, and to have a Wild Heart.

Also, I encourage you not to wait for your head to hit the pillow before allowing dreams to fill your head. Time is precious, and so is dreaming. With no rules involved, dreams are your invitation to become the greatest explorer of your time…of Your Life. Don’t wait. Your dreams are a breath away.


Be Bold, Brave, and Outrageously You!





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