The world is waking up because we're slowing down

Uncategorized Apr 02, 2020

This is a time when we are reminded that we have more in common with each other than we think we do.

It is a time when compassion is at the forefront of our lives, where it should always be. 

We’re connecting with friends, family, colleagues, and even people we don’t even know. We’re being called to open our hearts and minds. To be kind, considerate, and help those in need, as much as we can.

Though I think it’s sad that it has to come to this for us to become more caring, I am also very grateful for it.

Here we are isolating ourselves, and yet there is a deeper level of community and connection being experienced across the world.

  •  Who do we get to become in the face of something that none of us have control over? 
  • What becomes possible for us, for the world because of this?
  • When will we realize that we have never gone through anything alone, that there was always someone, somewhere experiencing that same thing or something similar?
  • How grateful will we be for the freedom that we say that we don’t take for granted?
  • Where this all started doesn’t matter. When it ends, we will all have contributed to the solution.

Transformation is at hand and we’re all part of it. We’re connected and part of a bigger picture. Yes, we’ve always been part of something bigger, but we didn’t consider or take part in it consciously. Right now, we are at a heightened state of awareness. The question is, do we focus on the shadow that has been cast, or do we seek to find the light?

New opportunities for growth are being shadowed by something that feels overwhelming. Do we add to the shadow by clinging to fear, or rise above the challenge before us?

Life has always been uncertain. That will never change. Change is the only thing that is guaranteed. Everything is temporary. 

With that in mind, what if we allowed ourselves to consider the world change that is about to happen and how a new and improved way of living more consciously is about to take place, worldwide? 

We live in a world of Endless Possibilities and we need to remember that. We all live under the same sky. We wake up under the same sun and go to bed under the same moon. No matter where you live, we are connected.

The world is waking up because the world has been forced to slow down. Slowing down seems to be the overall message of the coronavirus.

Here are questions that we need to ask ourselves as individuals.


  • What can I do to make today a better day than it was yesterday?
  • What thoughts and actions can I be taking that will help me to grow and expand my life?
  • What can I do to be a source of inspiration for myself and others?


It’s time to up-level your mindset and consider what you can do to be a positive force in this ever-changing world.

Because we are all connected, each of our choices impacts another. 

As I sign off, I offer you this thought for consideration.


“What kind of impact to you want to have on those around you,

and those you haven’t yet met?”




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