The past - Friend or foe?

Uncategorized Jan 01, 2020

Why is it so hard sometimes to let go of the past? Because it’s familiar and, more often than not, the discomfort creates a false sense of security. So, a comfort zone is a familiarity that has nothing to do with being comfortable.


What happens when you choose to let the past be and keep moving forward? Mourning. Yes, you feel a certain amount of grief as you let go of an old friend who has comforted you for so many years, even if it was an illusion.


When you allow yourself to acknowledge the comfort that the past provided you, even in the midst of the pain and discomfort, you get to stand in a different place. A place that offers a certain amount of clarity that you didn’t have before.


How can clarity come so swiftly and why does it feel so familiar? Because along with the pain that you held onto, you always had within you a knowing that something else was possible for you. But it wasn’t until you were ready to celebrate your past and the lessons learned, not until then were you able to release the weight and burden of it.


Your future is created by the choices and actions you make in the present. Whether the action is of a negative or positive vibration is irrelevant. Whatever you choose will provide an outcome of the energy that it was created with.


You always get to choose, so choose wisely.


Learn the lessons from the past and create a different future of

Endless Possibilities.


Here's to a New Year of New Beginnings!





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