Endless Possibilities

Uncategorized Sep 17, 2020

Staring out over the vast ocean, I feel limitless. No borders. No boundaries. Just possibilities.

I sit here quietly. I'm alone and free from distractions.

I hear my voice break the silence. Smiling, I hear the words, "Why can't I have anything I want?" Outside of me, who out there has the right to tell me what I can and can't do? Being that I am an adult woman, the answer is simple. No One. And yes, that is a period after "No One." 

As I look over the ocean, I smile again and clap my hands in delight, like a child who just got a special gift. 

My thoughts?

I'm me. I was born free, and it's my birthright to do whatever it is that I want.

When I look out over the ocean, it's like I'm looking into my soul. There's no resistance. No stories. Just me luxuriating in what's possible. So, What Is Possible?


The sky is not the limit. There Are No Limits.



Here are some thoughts for you to ponder.

Can you see the vastness of your life?

  • Can you feel the stirring of your soul?
  • Can you claim what you already know? - You Are Destined for More. 

It’s time for you to consider that that world is filled with Endless Possibilities.


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