An Ocean of Possibilities

Uncategorized Aug 26, 2020

There is an undeniable sense of peace that fills my body, mind, and spirit. The gentle lapping of the waves soothes my soul.

As the first layer of waves starts to retract, a new wave washes over, what was. It is relentless and beautiful.

It slows downs, picks up speed, and has a deep understanding of its own rhythm.

The ripples from the waves blanket the rest of the ocean as the next surge of waves kisses the shore.


I take in as much as I can.


I sit watching, listening, and breathing in this incredible experience. In the next breath, I have a better understanding of who I am.


The ocean teaches me something invaluable.


She reminds me that life can be simple and beautiful when I stay connected to my own natural rhythm. No trying. No forcing. Just Being.

The retraction and expansion of the waves create a ripple effect. It’s beautiful, magical, and simply created by waves. As humans, we (metaphorically) get caught up in ripples, rather than relaxing into them.


Ripples are the loving hug of acknowledgment

of things, you’ve gone through.


Watching the waves, I notice that there is an undercurrent and new wave that exists at the same time, but they are not in conflict. They are in harmony.

I take a slow deep breath, as I watch the sun dance across the water like diamonds. I exhale and allow myself to know something different about my life.

When I relax into myself and feel the natural rhythm of my soul,

without judgment, my life is simple and beautiful.


Here’s to a simple and beautiful day!






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