You Are a Hero

Uncategorized Dec 13, 2019

Have you ever seen someone speak and think to yourself, “I wish I could be more like them?” Well, you’re not alone.

You look up to others. You admire them for what they’ve accomplished and you’re in awe of who they are.

But what about you? Is there something that you might be missing? Have you forgotten about your brilliance?

It’s time to up-level your internal dialogue. And you can’t up-level your internal dialogue until you start to allow yourself to acknowledge your accomplishments.

Those people that you admire and look up to, they’ve had to move through stuff too. So, don’t be discounting what you’ve gone through in your life. You’ve got to the other side. And by the way, there are many sides. That’s why they refer to life as being a journey. One journey ends and another one begins. And…there are times when a new journey begins before the one you’re already on, is completed.


Talk to yourself like you're a hero.


When you get honest and look at what you’ve been through and how you managed to get through it, no matter how hard it may have seemed, there’s something to be said about the strength and courage that it took, to get you where you are today.

Now, take a breath and reflect on some of those experiences.


  • What do you want to say to yourself?
  • What are you most proud of that you've done?
  • What did you do that made you feel Unstoppable?


Get out your journal or a notebook and write these questions down, then take some time to answer them.

It's okay to feel good about yourself and it's highly recommended that you speak kindly to yourself.


  • Is your self talk positive?
  • Do the things you say to yourself make you feel good?
  • Do you feel motivated, inspired and ready to take on the world?


If your answer is no, to any or all of these, then it's time to shift your internal dialogue.

Write down the first three questions at the top of the page. Grab a coffee ☕ or tea. Sit down with a 📒🖋 notebook and pen and start answering the questions. And allow yourself to see the hero inside.

Be a hero in your life. Acknowledge where you are today by seeing what you were able to accomplish, despite some of the obstacles or hurdles that were in front of you.


You Are a Hero whether you choose to see it or not.



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