Different perspectives - Endless possibilities

After returning home from some early morning errands, I went to sit in the family room.  Coffee on the table to my right, feet on the small black ottoman, blanket on my legs and then, of course, cat on my legs. 

I smile as I look to my left. Oliver sleeps curled up on a blanket next to me. Yes, I am a crazy cat lady.

I reach for my book, open it to where I last left off and remove the raffle ticket that is marking my place in the book. I started using it as a bookmark after I attended an event I went to a couple of weeks ago, or has it been longer? Removing the bookmark, I glance at the page and read a couple of lines. I find my spot and begin to read.

The sunlight coming through the front window is distracting. I lift my head and gaze out the window. Though it may not be appealing to some, I'm looking at the inside of three Alberta Spruce trees. They were supposed to Dwarf Alberta Spruce trees, but they didn't get the memo. They stand 14-16 feet tall. Because they're so big, my husband cut the back of them and trimmed the top. The tops of the tree were hitting the edge of the roof and we didn't want them to cause any damage. The trees are so beautiful though, we didn't want to just cut them down. Cutting them down would have been an easy solution. We opted for not that. 

Sitting, I  gaze into the back of the dead trees, or at least that's what they look like from my vantage point. My mind wanders to the spring and summer. They became a sanctuary for birds. I watched countless birds making nests and feeding their babies. I'm so happy that we didn't cut the trees down. From the front, the trees appear lush and beautiful. From the back, they look dead and yet, offer a different type of beauty.

 A perfect metaphor for life. Two different perspectives existing at the same time, each a thing of beauty in its own way.

If you only allow yourself to see things from one perspective,

you rob yourself of potential. 

  • These trees offer aesthetics to the front of the house.
  • They create a buffer from the traffic that goes by the front of the house.
  • They now have become more appealing to the birds.
  • They shelter the front of the house from extreme weather.
  • They keep the house cool during the summer.

Now, imagine if my husband and I only looked at these beautiful trees from one perspective? We could have cut them down. That would have been an easy solution but not necessarily the right one.

I just presented you with five different perspectives coming from the same three trees.

What if you were to look at the challenges you faced in life, the same way?

Maybe you would see beauty, whereas at first glance you saw a problem.

There are many different views of the world. None of them is wrong.

The world is full of endless possibilities if you allow yourself to see beyond the first thing your eyes see.

Take a step back. What do you notice that you didn't notice before? Take a breath. Close your eyes. Relax into yourself. Open your eyes. Now, what do you see? Step to the side. Walk away. Stretch. Then and only then, allow yourself to consider whether you actually have a problem.

You are a beautiful soul. You were born a success. You were born to grow and expand your life. Don't limit yourself by only seeing things from one perspective. 

Every challenge that presents, offers ease, beauty and grace at the same time.

There are benefits to everything that unfolds in your life. If you consider how much you've gained by what you've learned, you will have a reason to celebrate every day. 


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